Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Waking Up

Bit of a side note post here, slightly off topic.  I've kind of mentioned in the past how I tend to get S.A.D. in the summer months.  Overall it was not as bad this summer, but still kinda there.  But this morning, after the first snowfall of the year and the first morning of temperatures below freezing, I feel....awake.  Like I just woke up for the first time in months.  It's funny how I thought I was fine this year, but apparently I did not realize I was a bit down afterall.  (Well it has been a pretty crap-tastic year)

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and it is COLD.  And everything was covered in a small layer of gorgeous fluffy white snow.  I guess it's safe to say my S.A.D. has lifted for the season.  I feel amazing.  :)

And I guess I should apologize then.  I know I am pretty much the only human being on the planet that loves frigid weather like this, so I'm well aware the entire world is rolling it's eyes at me right now and calling me crazy.  And I know this is just the beginning of S.A.D. for so many other people.  I try really hard to respect that.

If the cold and snow is getting you down, just embrace those days the sun is shining.

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