Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five!!!

Friday once again and once again another week that felt like a month.  Yeesh.  BUT!!  Yesterday marked 36 years I've blessed this world with my wonderful presence.  I came in kickin' and screamin' and haven't stopped yet!!

So in honor of my birthday, I bring you today's Friday Five:

Five Great Things on my Birthday!!

1) Mexican food!!!  It's pretty much tradition now to go to the best Mexican restaurant in the city for any family member's birthday for Mexican and margaritas!  Worth every calorie.

2) Container Store!!  My lovely boyfriend gave me the gift of a living gift certificate to the greatest place on earth, The Container Store.  As soon as we get some time to drive up there he said I can go hog wild.  Well up to a certain dollar amount.  I am practically shaking with excitement!!  It's every organizer's mecca.

3) Giving my own gifts.  I like to try to do a random act of kindness on my birthday if I can.  I sent some Thanksgiving cards to the shut-ins from my church and put some quarters in an expired parking meter I passed.  Neither a grand gesture, but enough to make someone's day I hope.

4) Cookies and cake.  I have 2 co-workers that love to bake.  One is making me my favorite cookies of all time (sugar cookies) and the other is baking a lemon cake with whipped icing.  *DROOL!!!  Between this an all the other food, I'm going to be HUGE!! Worth it.

5) Simple joy to be alive and so very lucky.  I've had a pretty darn good life so far.  And look forward to many more wonderful years.

Thanks for stopping by my humble blog.  I'm hoping to have another organizing video for you soon!  I'm planning to record it tomorrow and get it uploaded sometime over the weekend.  Fingers crossed.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  Much love!

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