Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Wonderful Day!

I just realized I forgot my Friday Five post.  These long weekends screw up my head sometimes.  But here I am and it's been a wonderful day!  I've gotten quite a bit done the last couple days.  I got my new YouTube channel up and running, and started my outline for my next video!!  I'd planned to film it tonight, but it looks like that will happen tomorrow.

I got the Christmas lights hung outside and the decorations started inside.  We really don't have a lot of decorations, but the stockings are hung (one for me, theonlyboyfriend and the cat!) and the tree decorations are out and waiting!!  We're going to get out tree next weekend.  Lots and lots of cleaning done, groceries bought, fridge cleaned, I even dusted!

I also got a really good start on my holiday shopping!  In fact I'd say I'm a third done by this point.  My lists are made and all planned out, too.  So I am ready!!

Also, managed to get some naps and down time in.  Hooky time and time with theonlycat on the couch.

My "Dramatic" scarf!

So hopefully tomorrow or Monday I'll have a nice video to share with you!  Fingers crossed.  That's about it in my world, lots of things happening to prepare for December and the holidays.  I hope your hearts are light as well.  Don't let the holidays get stressful, remember to enjoy them when you can!!  Much love!

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