Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday WIPs!

It's Wednesday again!  Time for a WIP's report!

Well, honestly it's slow going since I'm kind of out of commission right now.  It's gonna be a grand total of 3-4 weeks for my finger to be back to normal.  Longer for all the feeling to come back.  And another week from now before the stitches come out.  So hooking is limited.  I can do a little, but not for very long as my hand cramps up quickly.  But I did get some work done on my next project.

I started making little ornaments for my co-workers for Christmas.  They are SUPER cute!!

They need blocked yet, so they look a little lumpy, but there they are!!  They have silver thread in there too so they're kinda shiny.  :)

I was going to find a way to put each person's name on the star itself, but I think I'll just make a tag that hangs on the hanging string or something.  Or skip the whole name part.  We'll see when I'm done.  I found a cool recipe for some stiffening stuff to make them a little more rigid too.

That's really the only project I have going right now.  I'll have to start looking for what to make next now, so I'm ready when my hand heals!!

I may not get to post Friday, I'll be out in the boonies camping!  But I'll have lots of pretty pictures (I hope) to post when I get back.

Hope everyone is well!  Much love!!!

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