Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday WIPs

Midway into the week, and here we are with WIPs again!

Ok so I ran into a small snag with the vest.  I ran out of yarn with just a few rows left.  *Grumble*  So I had to order more.  Yarnmarket was out and it was back ordered.  GAH!!  Thankfully I found some on Amazon and ordered it Monday.  And it came in today!  YAY!  So I'm hoping to finish it tonight.

Ta-Da!!!  I'll need to block it and maybe wash it once or twice to loosen it up.  It's kinda stiff and it's supposed to be drapey.

I finished the scarf for theonlyboyfriend:

I found some matching brown yarn in my stash to finish it off.  He seems to like it too, so A+!

I found a GREAT pattern for simple snowflake star type things so I'm gonna start making a few of those.  I thought they'd make perfect gifts for co-workers for Christmas!!  

So that's about it for my crafty world.  I look forward to getting lots more hooky time in this week!  Hope everyone is well! Much love!

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