Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Cleaning

Taking some tips from some of the home organizing blogs I follow I'm going to spend this weekend doing some serious fall cleaning!  The weather is supposed to be very nice so it's a good weekend to do it.  I just thought I'd share my list with everyone to a) hold myself accountable and b) maybe inspire you to do the same!

-Rake and mow one last time
-clean lawnmower
-sweep deck and wash off cobwebs and dirt
-wash porch swing
-clean front porch
-trim hedges
-clean hedge trimmer
-drain and store hose

-Dust all the things!
-clean off all ceiling fans and light fixtures
-vacuum ducts and vents
-flip mattress and wash all linens.  (mattress pad and pillows)
-move fridge out and vacuum coils, clean under fridge
-clean out the dryer vent
-change furnace filter
-check hot water heater

I'm sure more will be added to the list as I find things that need to be done.  and naturally I'm so flippin' excited about all this I may start some of these tonight.  I'm an odd duck, am I not?

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