Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Cleaning Update

Well, I hit a pretty serious snag yesterday on the fall cleaning.  I woke up early and started the day with gusto.  I was READY!!  I could not wait to get started.  So before the heat of the day I went out and started in the yard.  I got everything all mowed and edged and trimmed the hedges.  However in my excitement for the day and the cleaning ahead, I got careless.  After finishing the last hedge in front, I reached to unplug the trimmer before the blades has stopped moving completely.  So focused on the day ahead I lost sight of there here and now.  I was so angry with myself for awhile there because I am usually SO very careful and HUGE on safety with power tools and equipment.  But I let my thoughts drift just enough.

I reacted very quickly, and smartly, thankfully.  I ran inside and dragged the equipment into the kitchen.  Grabbed and towel and wrapped up my hand and held it as tightly as possible.  Grabbed my purse and keys and ran next door.  Thankfully my neighbor was about moving in a new roommate and he whisked me off to the ER.

A couple hours and 4 stitches later I'm home and in one piece.  My digits are all in place, but slightly....altered.  Just one finger, thank God.  Every nurse and PA I saw told me just how lucky I was.  They didn't need to tell me I knew.  I spent the day on the couch, thanking God for how lucky I was that I was close to a hospital, had a neighbor there and willing to help, all my fingers in tact....any detail different could have made this so much worse.  I'll just have a scar and some street cred for this.

So I'm on the mend, and doing very well actually.  I'm going to do what I am able today and save the rest for another time this month.

Lesson learned, always be in there here and now.  Especially with power tools and lawn equipment.  Heh.  Much love!!

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