Friday, October 11, 2013

A Different Friday

I'm not doing my Friday Five today.  Instead I'm just gonna share my quick projects from last night!

On the way home from work yesterday I wanted to stop and get some mounting putty.  Why?  Cool little trick I learned on You Tube.  You ever have a drawer organizer that slides around when you open and close the drawer?  Boom.  Mounting putty on the bottom holds it in place.  While at CVS, I checked out the dollar bins like I do in every store I go to ever.  They had little plastic bins, 2 for $1.  WHAT?!

Yeah I bought 8 of those suckers in varying sizes:

So first off I went to town sticking down drawer bins I already have all over the house.  Then I set on to tackle some drawer organizing.

First off, we have the front door stand with one drawer:

It was already kind of organized, but had collected more crap.  So first off I did a big purge and put away things that do not need to be there and threw some crap away.  Then got some new bins and...

 Naturally they have putty on the bottom so they don't move.  Aw yeah!!

Next I moved on to my tiny drawer in the bathroom where I keep my make-up.

Again, it was slightly organized.  It had A bin.  Which...slid around a lot.


This drawer is so dang tiny it's hard to get more than one bin in there.  I did what I could.

Then, non-bin related a quick fix on the nightstands.  I fully intend to buy some nice cord holders for our cell phone chargers, but until I do...binder clips.


Ta-Da!  No more pulling at cords on the floor to plug in our phones at night.

Lastly, the bane of my existence, the cords behind the TV.  I want to get one of those cord boxes eventually but for now I just straightened them out and zip tied them up.  I also mounted the power strip onto the back of the TV stand.  It's cornered in the living room so it's hard to get to the power strip when it's all the way down on the floor.

So that was my evening excitement.  Such a wild and crazy life I lead, I know.

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'll be deep into fall cleaning.  Maybe I'll take some photos of all those crazy hi jinx I get into.  Much love!!

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  1. Love all of your ideas. Now if I can just get up the energy to start fall cleaning too!