Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday WIPs!

Wow, not only and I on time with my post, I have THREE whole WIPs to post about!!

Ok, well let's get right to it.  The Tunisian Squares blanket.  A lot has developed on this since last week.  I got all the squares attached and ends sewn in.  It just needs a border now.  However.  My heart is broken with this.  Not only does it look like crap, it is TINY.  There is no way I can give this to theonlyboyfriend's family.  And now there is not enough time to make another blanket for them before Christmas.  I am beyond frustrated and hurt over this.  I spent 4 MONTHS on this stupid thing.  And here's what I have:

It's lumpy, the squares are different sizes so they did not come together well.  (And I followed the pattern EXACTLY and even used the suggested yarn)  I did a shit job on the seams anyway.  I got the tip of my foot in there for size comparison.  It's barely big enough to be a baby blanket.  I'm just so annoyed. I'm gonna slap a border on it anyway and give it to charity.  (In a week or so, this blanket needs to sit in the corner and think about what it did for awhile)  Ugh.

Well, since I had some yarn bits leftover from this, I wound another magic ball and started back in on the Ugly Blanket.  Ta-Da!!

I'm getting there with this!!  Found some other scrap yarn I wanted to get rid of, so I'll use that too and all that might be almost enough to finish this guy!

And lastly, I was gifted some GORGEOUS Berroco Vintage (my favorite!) in theonlyboyfriends favorite colors so I'm making him a nice scarf for fall.

Just basic DC with a drop stitch every 5 stitches, alternating rows.

That's what I have going now.  I need to start thinking of more projects, I have a vacation coming up soon and need things to work on!  Between naps anyway.

I hope everyone is well.  Much love!

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