Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quick organizing project!

I have a fun Ta-Da for you on a project that was so quick, it will likely take me longer to write this post than it took me to do the actual project.

My closet in my craft room holds my scarves, hats, cowls, shawls, etc. It looked like this: (cue sad trombone sound)

Boooooo.  Crap all over the place.  Heck I have a drawer just sitting there not in anything holding shawls.  This is embarrassing.  

Well anyway, I found this closet organizer today, for $5!!! In the same lime green that I use in that craft room. Double yay!

And, after a little quick re-folding and moving items.....


I already had this purse organizer in the closet which I used for more scarves and hug next to the big organizer. Which has pockets on both sides!!

My only concern at this point is moths.  So I need to find some kind of cedar blocks to keep in there or something.  Just to make sure my things don't get eaten.  But that's the glory of crocheting my own stuff, I can make more.  :D


  1. I love this! I have finished scarves, hats, etc all over the place. What an awesome (and neat) way to keep track of your finished projects.

    1. Thanks! I also like that I can see everything at a glance and don't have to go sifting through drawers.