Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Ta-Da!!!

4 day weekend for theonlynikki!  I took Friday off and today was a holiday for the US so I had a nice long weekend.  Perfect for finally tackling the master bedroom.

We talked this one over for awhile.  We both were not a fan of the color the bedroom was when we bought the house.  The color was nice, but not us.  It was a pale green on top, darker green on the bottom with dark green carpet.  As much as I love green the room looked like a hospital.  We have all black and white artwork and a nice red and black bedspread so we thought the perfect color to compliment all this would be red.  Deep, bright red.  Red was a big risk, but WOW what a pay off!!  We looked at a lot of different shades of red and wanted something dark.  We brought home a lot of samples and glad we did!  The room gets a decent amount of natural light, but even with that the darker shades looked WAY too dark.  Almost brown or purple.  The brighter shades I thought for sure looked too bright worked great.  In the end we went with "haute red".

Yeah.  RED.  We were both nervous.
Ok, before I go any further, first the before photos:

Not bad colors, we're just not pastel people.  Anyway on with the project.

Friday I spent the day moving the furniture out (everything but the bed which we stripped and covered in a giant drop cloth) and taping all the edges, and putting up all the primer.

We decided to tear up the carpet and expose the glorious hardwood when we were done like I did when I redid my craft room.  So we were free to slop all over the carpet.  Which was good since the paint was RED.  Seriously, we looked like we'd been murdering people afterwards with the red splatter all over us.

Saturday we got 2 coats up and did all the edging.  That took a loooong time.  Theonlyboyfriend is a CHAMP with edging.  He doesn't even NEED tape.  We used it anyway, I'm not as good.  Sunday we got the third coat on and did touch ups.  Yeah, three coats.  Red is a hard color folks.  A VERY HARD COLOR.  I recommend it, it's very dramatic and amazing, but it's not an easy color to get anywhere.  Walls, yarn dying, hair coloring...

Anyway.... Sunday night we took the tape off.  Today, final touch ups and  putting everything back and we're done!!!  We're debating on leaving the trim white or stripping down to the natural wood underneath.  But that's another project for another day.  And you're all waiting for my big reveal so....


This gorgeous hardwood was buried under green carpet.  It's in amazing shape, except one spot.  We'll probably refinish them along with my craft room in the spring.

 So there ya go!!  4 days and a LOT of grunt work.  Well most of the work was tearing that dang carpet up.  MAN what a workout that was.  But we're SO happy with the results.  I love, love LOVE it!!

I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend as well.  A long weekend of food, friends and fun.  Much love to you!!

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