Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Five!!!

It's Friday once again!  These short weeks always seem so long, don't they?  Well we made it at least.  One more day to the weekend.  And this weekend will be far less busy and paint filled than last weekend was.

Ok well enough dallying, let's get on with today's:

Getting Personal Friday Five!!

1) What are you on?
A chair.

2) What are you hiding?
A deep rooted self-loathing

3) Who gets it when you go?

4) What's in your wallet?
My Driver's License, Debit card, a couple receipts and about $1.35 in cash.

5) What do you waste?
precious brain cells.

Well that list was almost as short as the week was!!  Heh.  Short and sweet just like me.  WACKA!!!!

Hope everyone is well!  Much love.

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