Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday WIPs!!

Whew just made it.  

Ok, so once again I've been lazy with my hooks, but I have been getting so much done!  I love that feeling of accomplishment when I can cross things off my list.

So I finished painting the trim in the office last night and it looks great!!

I finished kind of late last night so I just left it for today.  So tonight I took the tape down, put all the blinds and curtains back up and put all the furniture back.  Then straightened and cleaned up a bit.

Then I cleaned out my car and vacuumed the entire thing, even the trunk.  Before you laugh, I spilled some bird seed in the trunk that had been there forever.  I was getting tired of seeing it every time I opened the trunk.  Cleaned out all the trash, and junk and wiped down the dashboard and seats and center console.  It looks awesome.  Just need to wash all the bird poop off the outside now.  Heh.  

Then started on some curtains for the dining room.  I went back to the store and got more of the fabric I used for the living room curtains.  They had JUST enough left!!  I plan to finish those tomorrow.  Yay!!

Other than that it was just the usual cleaning and straightening, but the house looks so nice.  I'm excited to get started on other house projects now.  

So that's about it for today's WIPs post, which seemed to be all house WIPs.  But that's quite alright.  Much love to everyone!

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