Monday, August 19, 2013


I've been eyeing this website for some time now and finally broke down.  I got my very first Uncalendar and could not be more excited!!!  I hesitated for so long because the assembled books have such limited color options are are not very pretty.  Then I realized you can buy just the pages and fit it into your own cover or notebook!!  DUH!!  It comes in two sizes, regular letter size (8.5"x11") and half size.  I went with the half size, so it's a little more portable.

Before I go on I need to admit in the last couple years I've gotten away from physical planners and do everything online.  My calendar, my tasks, my lists and goals....are through different Google Apps that I can access on my phone or on my computer.  It's definitely been simpler, but nothing quite replaces the physical list.  Studies show you remember things better when you physically write them down.  And nothing feels as good as crossing off anything on a list.  :)  Plus I like having everything all at one glance.

I'm not planning on giving up my Google calendar, since theonlyboyfriend and I share our calendars and it's used for theatre stuff too.  Honestly this new uncalendar is more for lists and goals tracking than scheduling anyway.

Ok, so first off I am amazed at just how FAST I got my pages!!  I ordered them Friday and they showed up today!  I've read they have great service and was not disappointed.

Fresh outta the box!!

I decided to make my own covers with some fun things I've found online.  So I got some white cardboard wallpaper, a name tag, and my initial for the front.

I assembled everything and covered the covers with clear Contact paper.  Then punched the holes into the covers and all the pages.

The pages come with 4 sections and a lot of inserts for each section.  I wanted to keep my planner thin and clean, so I only put in maybe half the pages that came in the pack, and left out the back section altogether. I may make new dividers too.  Something that matches my cover better.  :) The spine I have clicks shut and can be reopened so I can add and delete pages and sections as I grow with this system.

Then I put it all together!!

So pretty!!!!!  Here are the pages:

That's for the main section.  It's all undated (hence "uncalendar!" so I can start and stop as needed!!  And I can customize each week as my needs fit.  Which is perfect for me since I can be fickle at times. (I can't tell you how many planners I've thrown away when my needs changed after a month or so.  Ugh.)  I can use a section for a specific project I'm working on and then when it's done us it for something else the next week or month.  That's what so great about this system!

The other sections have a monthly/yearly (also undated) goals planning.  And then a section for notes.  And it's just just plain ol' lined paper in the notes section.  It's got lines pages on one side and grids and boxes on the other side for all styles of notes.

So I'm gonna give this system a go for awhile and see how it fits into my life.  I'm hoping to use it both at work and home as it fits.  And if I decide it's not for me, I can set it aside and come back to it later!!

(EDIT 8/20)
I redid the covers, they looked really sloppy on the edges and insides.  They look a lot better now.  Also, I just ordered some adhesive slip pockets for the front and back cover to keep slips of random paper and maybe even some fun stickers in.  :)  I've started using it already and I'm in love.  I'll post an update in a week with some more photos and thoughts!

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