Friday, August 16, 2013

Totally Random Friday Five!

My usual sources don't have very exciting lists this week so I'm making one up on my own.  Something totally random.  I'm going to go to Google image search and type random words and post the first photo that comes up.  (I originally was going to type in my name and see what came up, but apparently Nikki is a very popular name for strippers and transvestites.  *Awkward pause*  And I like to keep my blog PG.)  It's not very exciting, but I like putting random words in Google Image search and seeing what I get.  Because I'm weird that way.

Ok, here we go!!

Totally Random Picture Five!!

1)  Diesel.

Uhhhhh, what?  Not sure what this has to do with gas, but all the photos that came up looked a bit like this.  

2)  Jingle

Well that seems rather obvious.  Let's try a more vague word.

3) Capitulate.

BWAHAHAHAHA!  That is fantastic.  How about something more serious.

4) Ennui

Uhhhhh, ok.  Heh.  That's actually kinda cute.  Ok how about 2 words I use often on my blog?

5) Much love

Awwww, well isn't that adorable.  :)

Ok well sorry that was kind of a lame list, but that's ok.  Better than boring you with "5 things I need to do this weekend."  Yawn.  Hope everyone is well and have a WONDERFUL weekend!!  Much love!

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