Friday, August 23, 2013

I Got That Friday Five Feelin'

The sun is shining, it's Friday, we got paid.... life is good.

Crazy busy as usual, workin' for the weekend.  But with a short break I can cram in a quick Friday five!!

But how does it make you FEEL?

1) How does thunder and lightening make you feel?
Depends on how severe the storm.  A nice gentle summer storm is so relaxing.  I just sit on the porch and enjoy natures free show.  If it's one of those storms where lightening is hitting everything around me, I get a little nervous.

2)  How do spiders make you feel?

3) How do the threats from North Korea on America make you feel?
Probably not as nervous as it should.  But if they're going to attack us, there's really nothing I can do to stop that.  So why flip out over the possibility?

4) How concerned are you about having your identity stolen?
Very.  With a name as common as the one I have it's a real concern.  I had someone open a store credit card in my name once.  Thankfully it was caught quickly and taken care of.  Still makes me nervous to thi day though.

5) How cautious are you about food spoilage in your refrigerator?
I'd have to have food in the fridge for it to spoil.  Seriously, we eat what's in there so spoiling is a non-issue.

Ok, sorry to be so brief, but break time is done!  Hope everyone is well as have a GREAT weekend!!  Much love!

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