Friday, August 9, 2013


Sorry about not posting Wednesday WIPs.  Things have been really busy this week and I kinda forgot.  I've made some progress on my squares.  Finished one and I'm halfway through the second.

Tomorrow is the big ride!!  50 miles!  I met and exceeded my fundraising goal as of last night.  (you can still donate if you want though!!)  I'm not as nervous as I was, now I'm just super excited.  In 24 hours from now I'll be on the road.  :D

Ok, well on with today's list.  I got it from my usual source today.  Seemed simple yet fun.  So then without further ado, here is today's:

Personalized Friday Five!

1) What's on your outgoing voicemail message?
It's incredibly boring.  Just the standard, "Hi this is Nikki, leave a message" blah blah blah.  My college roommate and I used to come up with the funniest messages for our answering machine.  You know, back in the day of answering machines.  I just dated myself a little, there didn't I?

2) What's the wallpaper on your computer?
Well at work I have scrolling photos of yarn and crochet things.  Yeah, I know.  At home on the laptop, we have it scrolling photos from our trips to Connecticut.

3) What's stuck to your fridge doors?
Nothing.  The doors themselves are not magnetic.  The sides are though.  So there are some postcards, photos and a couple schedules/calendars.  The usual stuff really.

4) What's your daily organizer like?
Google.  Seriously, I just use Google for everything.  Gmail, Calendar, Tasks, Keep.  They're all interconnected so it's highly efficient and I love it!!  Theonlyboyfriend and I share our calendars with each other too, so we can see each other's schedules.  And yes, its all color coded.  :D

5) What's your signature on your personal email like?
Right now, it's the link to my rider page for my ride for cancer with a "please donate" type sentence above it.
Typically it's one of my favorite quotes.  "Don't compromise yourself, you're all you've got" - Janis Joplin.  That's it.  Pretty simple.  :)

So that's it for my list this week.  I hope everyone is well!  If I have the energy Saturday I'll post photos from the ride.  If I'm too pooped it may have to be Sunday then.  So, so much love to everyone!  Have a great weekend!

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