Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Five!!!

It's Friday!  Feels like Saturday to me, I didn't work today.  4 days weekend, YAY!!!  Still got up at the normal time though.  Hung out with theonlyboyfriend before he went off to work, then got a lot done.  We're repainting the bedroom this weekend so I moved all the furniture out and got the coat of primer on the walls.  Tomorrow we get the first coat on.  I am SO excited!  But I'll post more on that when we're done and I have photos.  :)

It's Friday so that means.....*drum roll* 

Friday, Friday Five!!!

1) What do you usually do on Fridays?
Work.  Then come home and workout and get dinner and do the usual evening chores.  We're typically both so tired from the week, we just stay in and watch movies, or hang out in the house.  Sometimes we go see a play.  But Friday nights are usually pretty paid back for us overall.

2)  Who are you usually with on Fridays?
Theonlyboyfriend and theonlycat.  Sometimes I do a video chat with some friends from Ravelry on the computer.  They're all over the country and a couple in England so it's a great time!!

3) Do you get dressed up when you go out?
Depends on your definition of "dressed up." If wearing pants is dressed up, then yes.

4) What time do you go to bed when the night's over?
Some Fridays we've been in bed by 10:30.  Others, midnight or so.  Rarely later though.  We're old.

5) Do you wish you could be doing something else today?
No.  honestly today has been amazing.  Got to work on house projects, hung out with my boy, took an EPIC nap.  And before too long we're off to see a show at the theatre.  All in all it's been a pretty awesome day.  I mean sure Hawaii would be nice, but this is a good second. 

Ok, that's it for now.  Expect photos in a couple days of our amazing bedroom reveal!!  SQUEE!!

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