Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Update on the Unlcalendar

I may still be in the honeymoon stages of this, but it's a HIT!!!  I'm just loving it.

Here's a sneak peek of my last week now that I'm on the last day of the week:

I've got my calendar stuff on the right side with what is happening on each day and if a to-do item needs done on a specific day.  Important notes at the top.  Left side has to-do lists, calculations on workout goals and nutritional intake.  And some small budgeting notes and goals, as well as a "doodle" section.  I just wrote in fun little inspirational words.  But I can use it for notes on a specific project in the future if I need it.

It honestly helped a lot to keep me inspired this week to keep up with my new workout regimen and nutritional needs.

And work things are in another section:

Project list, meeting notes, etc.  And of course more sections for doodles or more notes if I need.  Yay!!

So, also last week I bought some mountable pockets.  They're shown to be used in school lockers or stuck to the wall, but I thought they'd be perfect for the insides of the covers.

There were 2 in a pack, and as luck would have it the colors I got (lime green and pink) matched my planner perfectly!!!  I took them out of the pack and was a bit dismayed at the mounting side.

Just one little sticky at the top.  I was envisioning it would be adhesive on the entire surface.  This would not do, so I had some double sided mounting squares at home and added some more to the bottom and middle of the pockets.  Then stuck them to the covers!

I had some stickers and a thin pad of lined post it notes to put in the pockets.

Then put it all together!!


I'm going to sit down later tonight to start planning the coming week.  :)

I was sold on the Uncalendar system at first glance.  I'm glad I finally took the dive and got one for myself.  And glad I could personalize it and make it fit for me.  I highly recommend this system for busy folks who have to balance a lot of things.

Well back to project son my to-do list.  :D  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  Much love!!


  1. Just found your two "uncalendar" posts after doing a google search for uncalendar reviews. I love your covers and how you customized with pockets. I have 3 questions -- Did you make your own dividers? Are you happy with the half-size? What binder system do you use that snaps open and closed? It looks nice & compact (more like a spiral) unlike standard ring binders. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am still in love with my system here. I am panning to make a video as soon as my hand heals, and go into more details.
      I used the dividers that came with the Uncalendar. I love, love, LOVE the half size because it fits in most of my purses. There is obviously less writing space, but I don't need any more than what I have! It works great for me!
      The binding spine is a GBC Pro-Click. We have them at work, but I'm sure you can order them, or even get them at Staples or Office Depot. They're 11", but i just snipped off the end so it fits my half sized notebook.