Monday, August 5, 2013

A domestic weekend

Ok, I promised a post over the weekend.  It's Monday.  Close enough.  :)

We had such a great weekend.  We both got all sorts of rest that we needed and somehow managed to get so much done!

Saturday we spent the day cleaning the house and doing yardwork.  Unfortunately we both have a grass allergy so it always makes for a fun evening of itching and allergy pills.  Theonlyboyfriend got into something that did not agree with his skin and the poor guy was COVERED in huge welts.  We both showered and scoured our skin and I pumped him full of Benedryl.  Unfortunately we both forgot what Benedryl does to a person and he spent a good 3 hours sleeping on the couch.  I finished getting things ready for a small gathering we'd planned to have on our deck that night.

Then said gathering happened.  It was so nice.  We had a little fire in our firepit, had the deck all lit up.  Lots of laughter and fun.  A great night!

Sunday we spent the day painting!!  I'm so excited.  We did the dining room and started the office.  We also picked out the (bright red!!) paint for the bedroom.  I'm hellbent on adding color to our house.  It's brown on top of beige with more brown.  We're slow going, but we're getting there.

We also managed to find a deal-a-day deal on Angie's List for a company to come and build a brick patio.  We've been dying to put on in beside the deck in our back yard.  We get NO sun and lots of moisture in that area so the grass is muddy, patchy and full of mushrooms.  And just ugly.  So we're going to put in a little brick area with a built in firepit!!  And the deal was amazing, we're getting this done for next to nothing.

So that was our domestic weekend.  I love getting house projects done!  I will leave you now with some before and after photos of the painting.

Dining room:

The eggplant color matches those great new curtains I made!!


Ok yes it's brown.  Heh.  But the accents are burgundy.  I don't know why they painted all the trim upstairs white.  All the trim downstairs, thankfully, is the natural wood.

I also had a great helper for all this painting.

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