Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday WIPs

I'm here, I'm here!!!  I made it!

Ok, right into it.  Tunisian Blanket.  Boom:

Done with 5 colors, starting the 6th!  I bought 2 more colors, a kind of dark yellow and an off white.  I think I'll just need one more color after that and I'm ready to start attaching!  Yay!  So in other words I'm zooming along.  It's definitely taking far longer than I had anticipated, but I haven't been working on it a lot.  Considering it's a Christmas gift, I do have a deadline and thankfully I started when I did.  I guess I know myself pretty well.

My other WIP of training for Pelotonia is going well.  I've had to ease up on the biking a little because my knees are hurting pretty badly.  But I think I'm up for a ride tonight.  30 miles is the plan.  Then one more this weekend and one more yet next week.  Then.... it's go time!!  Ack!  I hope I make it the 50 miles ok.

It's still kind of weird at work without Andy.  No one really talks about him much now, but we all still miss him greatly, I know.

That's about it for me for now.  I hope everyone is well.  Much love and happy creating!!

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