Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Weeping

No WIPs today.  Continuing it's reputation to be the worst year ever, 2013 threw another one at us this week.

One of the guys in my department at work passed away.  Andy sat just a couple desks away, and was an absolute delight in our department.  He'd very recently gotten a wonderful promotion.  He'd been working on some projects and coming in weekends and working very hard.  Then he took a well deserved break and went to the beach with his wife and two sons for a week of fun in the sun.

Apparently he noticed his sons having trouble getting to shore from the water so he went in after them.  He got them to shore safely, but then had problems himself.  His father-in-law got him to shore, but he was not breathing.  He later passed away.

article on the tragedy

Andy was 39 years old and left behind two boys, ages 9 and 11, and a wife.

Needless to say, work was quieter than it has ever been yesterday.  We have a grief counselor coming in today to meet with all of us.

I could write all day about Andy, but I won't.  Andy died saving his kids and that pretty well sums up the man I worked with and loved.

You will be missed greatly.

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