Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Five!

Hey all.  Sorry I missed Wednesday.  It's been a hard week.  The funeral was Monday and I was a bit of a wreck up until yesterday anyway.  I'm starting to feel better again though, so I can finally be a human again for awhile.

So then without further ado let's go to today's:

At the Movies Five!

1) Where in the movie theatre do you prefer to sit?
House right.  No idea why, but I tend to gravitate to the right side all the time.  I make an effort to sit in the middle usually because those are typically better seats, but left to my own devices, I end up on the right side.

2) What characteristics does the ideal movie companion have?
Mute.  Well ok that's extreme, but you get the idea.  I'm not big on chattering during a movie at a theatre.  At home, totally different story.

3)  What memory of things not quite going right at the movies do you have?
Well, I can recall going to a movie with my mom once over a Christmas break and the theatre where the movie we wanted to see was showing had no heat.  It was broken or something.  They offered us our money back and comp tickets to another movie, but we went to the car and got a blanket and watched it anyway.  For the life of me, I cannot remember what movie it was though.  But I remember we were not that cold.

4) What are your feelings about the commercials and movie previews playing before the movie you're about to see?
I love movie previews.  It's a sickness, but I LOVE previews!!!  Commercials, not so much.  Honestly, I prefer the days of quiet music and maybe a slideshow of ads.  This was a time to chat with whoever I'm with at the time and interact before we both have to shut up.  But loud obnoxious commercials are distracting and annoying.

5)  Who is an actor or director whose involvement in a film is enough to make you see it?
Joss Whedon.  Duh.  :D  Sorry, I'm a geek at heart.

Ok well that's about it I guess.  Looking forward to the weekend, but then again most people do.  I'm hoping to get some long training rides in this weekend.  I did 20 miles Wednesday night and that felt great!  Although not even half what I'm doing for Pelotonia.  Geh.  50 miles, I must be crazy!!

Speaking of, plenty of time to donate yet, although the ride is a mere 2 weeks away.  ACK!  Remember every single penny goes to cancer research.  EVERY LAST CENT!!  click here to donate

Happy weekend, and much love!

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