Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Five!!!

I'm stuck between two ideas for my list this week!!  I need to just pick one.  So I think I'll go with my usual source for today's:

Random Letter Friday Five!

Ok so the deal is I have to go to this site and have it randomly generate a letter for me then answer the questions below with something that begins with that letter.  My randomly generated letter is i.

1)  What geographical location would you like to visit one day?
Ireland.  Honestly, no matter what letter I got that's still on my list of top 3 places I need to go before I die.  So there is it.  Ireland.

2)  What's a yummie dessert that begins with i?
Ice cream!!  Wow I was worried about the letter I got but so far this is easy.  I almost never eat it, but I LOOOOVE ice cream.  Especially cookie dough!

3)  What's an unpleasant or annoying task that starts with i?
Ok this one I struggled with the most.  I'm going to have to go with immunizations.  Whenever I have to take theonlycat in for her's a long affair that ends with a week of trauma for everyone involved.  Getting her in the carrier and to the vet is a test of wills.  Living with her afterwards....even worse.  Oy.  I'm glad it's only once a year we have to do this.

4)  What would be good to bring on a camping trip?
Ice.  Gotta keep the beer cold somehow, right?!

5)  What body part that begins with i needs the most maintenance or attention?
Well intestines come to mind.  You gotta eat every day to keep them working properly and for some people they're very delicate with what they can digest.  And lord knows mine need constant attention with my IBS.

Ok so that's is for my list!!  Anyone have hot weekend plans?  I'm spending all day with mom tomorrow and we're both really excited!!  I can't wait!!  We're going to go look at antiques and then get some paint for my dining room.  Possibly even start painting.

But before all that I have to get up early to take kitty to the vet.  She's been acting weird and for the first time in her entire life she peed outside of her litterbox.  More than once.  No other symptoms other than being especially needy lately.  Which also makes me think she might be sick.  So we'll take any thoughts, prayers and mojo you'd be willing to send in kitty's direction.

Hope everyone is well.  So much love!


  1. I love reading your Friday Five blogs. My annoying task that starts with an "I" is income tax.

    1. Oh Income Tax!!! That's a good one!!!

      Thanks for reading. :)