Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More organizing fun!

I know, my idea of fun is kinda lame.  But I was on fire when I got home today!  Still am.  I can barely sit still to write this post.  (I'm not; I'm standing up and making dinner between sentences here.)  Anyway, my absolute favorite home organizing guru posted this video today on linen closets.  I watched it on my lunch break at work today and was chomping at the bit to get home and fold towels all dang afternoon.  I know, lame.

So anyway I've been thinking for along time that I need to tackle my linen closet(s).   I have been doing things all wrong from the getgo, and I knew it.  I had things in both bathroom closets, and both only half full.  ::facepalm::  The closet in the bathroom off the bedroom, is really more a clothes closet.  Theonlyboyfriend's clothes are on one side.  The other side housed sheets, hand towels and wash cloths.


Right?!?!?!  Ugh.

Ok the closet in the hall bath had bath towels, and then supplies and medicine bin:

You will notice there is nothing on the top shelves in either closet.  There's nothing on the top shelves anywhere in this house.  We're small people, ok.  DON'T JUDGE ME!  :P

Anyway I decided to just combine everything into the hall bath closet.  So theonlyboyfriend could have more space for clothes and because we use the hall bath far more often than the one off the bedroom.  (seems weird, I know)  So I refolded all the sheets and towels and shifted things around a bit and....


I love it.  I keep going back in to look at it some more.  :)  At some point when we settle on a color scheme for the bathroom I'm going to put some shelf liner down and maybe paint the inside.  Just to give it a pop!

Oh and I am a little embarrassed we have maybe 2 matching towel sets.  Heh.  Whatever.  Those are the kinds of things we just don't care so much about.

So there you have it!  Nothing like a finished project to really make me feel good inside.  And it also got me in the mood to go ahead and clean the bathroom which was sorely needed.  Heh.

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