Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone!  Another week in the books.  And I managed to survive.  Mainly because the weather finally broke and cooled off.  Oddly enough, (sarcasm) my mood lightened significantly and I was less depressed this week.

Anyway, enough of my complaints against summer, let's move on to today's

Theatrical Friday Five!!!
(miraculously my usual source had a theatre related list a couple weeks back!)

1)What was the last play you saw?
Roulette closing day.  About 2 weekends ago, I think.  A group of one acts performed all day long.

2) What kind of experience have you had as a performer in a play?
Um....lots.  I mean, I've done so many that I've lost count and forgot a lot of them.  I've had TONS of experiences.  Good, bad, fun, stressful, heartbreaking, groundbreaking.... you name it.

3) In general, what kinds of plays most turn you on?
Musicals.  Yeah, I know.  But what can I say, I am a HUGE sucker for a good musical.  Nothing makes me feel more alive inside!!!

4) There are many movies where the characters decide to put on a play to raise money for something or bring attention to something.  If you and your friends were to do that, what would be the play, and what part would you play?
We're actually doing this next month.  We're doing a tribute show for our dear friend who passed away in April.  I'm not playing any parts though.  I think I'm just observing this one maybe.  I don't think it's fully organized just yet.  Anyway we're putting up several plays he wrote over the years and doing some improv.

5) If I handed you a lump of Play-Doh right now and asked you to sculpt me something what would it be?
Heh.  A snake without a head.  Or a ball.  My sculpting abilities end at rolling a long tube or wadding is all into a ball.

Well, there you have it.  Short and sweet.

No big weekends plans for me.  My godson's birthday party tomorrow and likely helping out at the theatre.  Maybe a long bike ride.  Anyone else have big plans?  Regardless, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Much love!!

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