Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday WIPs!

Wednesday once again!  And I've been doing pretty well with keeping my hooks moving.  Then again it's been tech week for the next show at the theatre, so I've been home alone while theonlyboyfriend puts in ridiculous hours there.  So I've been keeping really busy to keep from getting too lonely.

The Ugly Blanket it plugging along.  I only got maybe another 2 rows on so I did not take a photo.  Next week for sure!

Pax #2 is barely moving.  I haven't gotten much work on that one done at all.

Started a new WIP this week!  I think I mentioned making a new blanket for theonlyboyfriend's family.  Found a great pattern that's just squares of different Tunisian stitches.  Got a good start on that.  Unfortunately Tunisian curls like mad, so until they're sewn together at the end, they're gonna be really hard to get photos of.  See what I mean?

But you get the idea.  9 different colors, 4 squares each.  Went and got a couple more colors today.

A non-craft WIP, I'm taking a stab at making my own vitamin water.  I found a list of different ones to make at home, and they're pretty easy with only 3-4 ingredients.  So here's my first try.

6 organic strawberries, a thinly sliced lemon and 12 fresh mint leaves diced.  Then just let it sit overnight.  Ta-Da!!  I'm excited to give it a try tomorrow.

So that's about it for WIPs for me.  I'd stay and chat more, but my hooks are calling.  Have a wonderful week!!  Much love and happy creating.

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