Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday WIPs

I had lots of time for my hooks during this past relaxing weekend I shared with you, which was wonderful!

The Ugly blanket is at a standstill now.  I actually ran out of scraps!!  But with the other blanket I'm working on, I'll have more to come.  So the Ugly Blanket goes back into hibernation for now.  But it will be back!

The other blanket is coming along as well.  I'm on my 4th square in the 2nd color!  I've got my next two colors lined up, so we're good to go for awhile.  No photos to share just now.  Next week for sure.

Pax #2 is still just sitting dormant.  Now that the Ugly Blanket is hibernating I may pull it back out and work on it at home.  I've found it hard to work on that outside the house because it requires a lot of counting and special attention to the stitches, so I don't think I can make that my travel project for awhile.

That's is for my WIPs.  Short post, I know and not a lot of photos.  Sorry about that.  I hope everyone is well!  Much love and happy creating!

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