Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday WIPs!!

Sorry for missing Friday Five, but I've been in a real funk since Chris died.  It's taking some time, but I'm slowly getting back to normal.  There are ups and downs and Friday was a definite down.  Then I've been at the theatre helping theonlyboyfriend get things ready for the next show for the last few days, so it's been kinda busy.

Tonight though, I'm sitting all snuggled up on the couch with theonlycat, laptop and my trusty hooks, in front of an open window with the most wonderful cool breeze coming in.  If I get a spurt of energy I might go get a glass of wine.  :)

Ok, so on with the WIPs.

The Ugly Blanket is coming along.  I wound a couple more magic balls for it the other night.  (Term for balls of scrap yarn)  I'm actually almost through the second ball!  I may have to put it in hibernation again if I run out of scraps.  I don't think will be an issue, but we'll see.  Anyway, here's what I got as of now!!

Pax #2 has come off to a very frustrating start.  I'm using lace weight yarn and my eyes are proving to be getting older.  I'm having the worst time seeing my stitches.  But then I realized, now that I'm about 10 rows in, I've been doing something wrong the whole time, so I need to start all over again.  Thankfully I'm not that far in.  * sigh* And I think I might break out the reading glasses for this one.

Started yet one more project.  I made a blanket for theonlyboyfriends's family for Christmas 4 or 5 years ago and last time I was out there it was looking a little ragged.  (I made it from Homespun so it was bound to look awful after awhile anyway)  So I'm using a sturdier, yet floofy and soft, yarn to make a new blanket.  I figure get started now because it will probably take me until Christmas to finish.  Heh.  Anyway I found a really cute Tunisian square, so I'm going to make squares.  So far, so good!!

Ok, well that's about it for me.  I'm gonna go back to relaxing and hopefully get to bed early.  Allergies have been kicking my butt so I kinda feel miserable this week.  Bleh.


  1. I don't know why, but I am in love with that ugly blanket. :)

    1. I kind of am too. It's like the scraps quilt I made in high school. Every yarn has a story. :)