Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Apologies

Missed my WIPs post again.  Bad Nikki!!!

Just a quick update then.

-Ugly blanket.  No work this week
-Tunisian squares blanket.  Finished 2 more squares, completing the first of 9 colors.
-Pax #2.  A few more rows added.

Side note, I'm getting better about journaling.  I've had a few things happen in the last few days that have been difficult, so I've had a lot to write about.

And, just so you're not photo-less; here's a little project I did last week when I was home every night and kinda bored.

Put down some shelf paper and cleaned out the pantry.  Obviously this was done right about when a trip to the grocery was sorely needed.  It's a bit fuller now.  :)  But I have dedicated areas now for things.  There is yet one more shelf at the top, but there's not much up there since I can't reach it.  And yes, that's my Mystery Machine lunch box up there.  :D

Ok, see you all tomorrow for my Friday Five!!

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