Friday, May 10, 2013

I know you, Friday Five

Friday!  We made it.  It's been an interesting week, but we're at the end of it now.  I'm looking forward to a nice, albeit wet, Mother's Day weekend.  The temperatures should finally be wonderful so I can be comfortable for a minute.  I think Sunday's high is 58.   Ahhhhh, delicious.

Anyway, enough of my blatherings, let's get on with today's:

Knowledgeable Friday Five

1) What's something you know about constellations?
They're in the sky.  Honestly, my knowledge of astronomy is sadly lacking. It pretty much ends with common knowledge things.  I know that sailors used to use the stars to navigate the ocean.  But I still have no idea what they did if it was cloudy.  I know ancient civilizations made all sorts of folklore over shapes they found in the night skies.  And I know that stars are so friggin far away, my tiny human brain cannot comprehend the distance.

2) What's something you know about bugs?
Gross as they may be to me, they're mostly necessary.  All part of this massive ecosystem of planet Earth.  I'm one of those billions of people that would rather pull out a toenail than touch a spider, and have quite the knack for throwing shoes at them from across the room while perched on a chair making high pitched squealing noises.  But I also know they eat the other bugs, so they're kinda good.  I know centipedes should really just stay the hell away from me for all time.

3) What's something you know about a car's engine?
You don't actually need to get an oil change every 3 months/3000 miles.  Total misconception.  You do need oil changes, yes.  But not nearly as frequently as you think.  But it also all depends on the vehicle, and how it is used.  Seriously, look into it.  You could be saving yourself a lot of time and money.

4) What's something you know about wine or beer?
I enjoy both greatly.  And both give me a headache.  I'm really more of a vodka or whiskey gal.  My ex husband worked at the brewery so I got to see how beer is made more than once, and I gotta tell ya it is a STINKY process.  Seriously, beer smells pretty bad to begin with, but even worse before it's actually beer.  Bleh.

5) What's something you know about the Pacific Ocean?
It's the biggest ocean on the planet!!  It's vastly un-explored and there are things living in it that we don't know exist.  And it's downright terrifying.  At least to me.  Anything that vast and unknown is scary to me.

Well unfortunately those were 5 things I have very little knowledge of.  But maybe that's a good thing.  No one likes a know-it-all.  :)  And had they picked one of the things I'm very knowledgeable on, you would have been bored to tears reading this because I am an expert in all things boring.

So that's it for me.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day!  Don't forget to pamper that special lady in your life and tell her how much you love her.  Much love!

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