Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Five

It's Friday.  After being down to about $1.29 in my account, I got paid today.  But I'm just kind of in a funk today.  I think maybe my SAD is setting in already.  It's sweltering already an it's only May.  I have a bad feeling about this summer.

Meh.  Anyway, I'll move on to today's list.

The Nervous Friday Five:

1) What are you like when you're nervous?
Kind of annoying.  I talk a lot.  Pace.  Sweat.  And I have a bit of a nervous colon, so....other things happen too.  Heh, sorry.  I'm seriously not fun to be around backstage before a show.

2) How do you deal with nervousness?  Especially nervousness about something that's going to happen several days later?
I don't typically get nervous about things too far in advance.  Except flying.  I'm pretty much a wreck from the day I buy my airline tickets.  How do I deal with it?  I don't know.  I just do.  I guess I just let myself freak out and then I'm ok.

3) In what circumstances are most people nervous, but not you?
Probably up high somewhere.  A large percentage of people have a fear of heights, but it just doesn't bother me so much.  I don't mind being the one to run up the ladders at the theatre.   I work 22 floors up and sometimes I lean on the window.  Scares the living hell out of some of my co-workers, doesn't bother me too much.

4) What conditions seem fine for most people, but make you nervous?
Grocery shopping.  Seriously, I cannot pinpoint what the hell my problem is, but the only times I have massive panic attacks anymore, it's at the grocery.  It seems less so when I'm at the small store close to our house.  I've tried making better lists, going at odd hours....something about shopping just gets me all freaked out.  Mall shopping is even worse.

5) When did you last feel nervous about something that turned out completely fine?
Uh, almost every time.  Except the last time I was on a plane.  Ask theonlyboyfriend, even he was scared.  Worst flight EVER.  Most times I get worked up about something it turns out to be no big thing.  I think that's kind of normal really.

That's about it for me.  Sorry it's kind of brief, but my head is pounding and I'm kinda busy so I gotta get to it.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

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