Monday, May 27, 2013

Blues Bustin' Weekend

This weekend was simply amazing.  The weather cooled down dramatically, the sun shone, we had a little light rain early today, but all in all it was simply gorgeous.  My awful seasonal depression started a bit early this year, but this glorious weekend kept it at bay, thankfully.  I'll recap as best I can....

Friday, (Sorry I forgot to post my 5 list!!) I got off work early.  Went to a Zumba class, then came home for one hell of an amazing nap with the cat.  Theonlyboyfriend got home and we spent the evening being lazy at home.

Saturday we both slept in a bit.  Then he took off for brunch with some friends while I got some nice alone time in and a lot of little house projects going.  We had our big annual all-day theatre festival at the theatre.  So I rode my bike up there and watched some great plays.  Then a good friend and I rode our bikes to get some of the best dinner I've had in months.  A hummus and quinoa patty burger.  DROOL!  Then the big after part for the shows, now finished.

Sunday, church and pot luck with the church folks.  Then home for yard work and more putzing around the house.  Got the lawn all mowed and prettied up.  Got in a really good workout and a small nap.  Then we went off to a cookout down the road with more of the theatre folk.

Today, I slept in really late.  More than I'd planned.  But being outside all day yesterday got my allergies all riled up, so I was not feeling well.  But managed to get up and be lazy with my other half.  We eventually went out for brunch and a long walk at the cemetery close by here.  It is the most gorgeous cemetery I've seen.  So many lovely statues.  We visited our friend who recently passed that is buried there also.  And took a lot of great photos.  I'll share a few here.

All in all a great weekend that really rested me physically and mentally.  I think I'm ready to get back to life again!!  I hope everyone had a very happy and peaceful holiday weekend.  Much love!!

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