Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I had such a wonderful morning I felt the need to share it with you all.

I have a very busy evening coming up.  I won't be home until 10 or so, and so I knew I'd have no time to get my workout in after work as usual, so I knew I had no choice but to get up at 5 and do it before work.  I used to workout before work every day!  But I slowly got away from it and getting up before 6:15 felt impossible.  But I knew this had to happen no matter what and so my brain woke me at 4:30.  Half hour early even!  The cat had made her way into the bed and under the covers with me.  So instead of getting up another half hour early I decided to spend that last bit of time just snuggling her in my nice warm bed.  She was a big warm pile of purring fur.  When the alarm finally went off, I had to pry her away from me, but we both managed to get up and stagger downstairs.

After my workout I went about my usual routine, getting myself ready, packing up my lunch that I made the night before, watching the weather, etc.  Once I got myself all ready to go, I was shocked to see the clock reading 6:25.  I don't usually leave home until 7!  I suddenly found myself with 35 minutes to spare!!  (I admit to only doing a half hour workout instead of the usual 45-60 minutes though.)  Normally when I have extra time in the morning I sit on the front porch and enjoy my coffee, but it was really chilly this morning.  So I sat on the floor and pulled out that journal I keep promising myself I'll write in every day.  Wrote a couple pages of thoughts and pet the cat some more.

Grabbed my phone next.  I had downloaded a new app the other day that I've been enjoying.  It's the bible.com app, which I can access on a computer too.  They have really great daily reading plans that last anywhere from 3 days to a year.  I finished a "faith and fitness" program the day before, so I looked for a new one.  Found a great one on self-confidence, which we all know I sorely lack.  So I read through that and then wrote some more in my journal.  (When I get braver, I wanna try the one year plan!!)

Sipped my coffee in the living room where the sun was just starting to finally peek up.  Did some nice long and deep stretches, then went upstairs to harass theonlyboyfriend who was still dead asleep.

All this done and I still left the house about 10 minutes early.  And I felt great!  I really, really need to remember just how wonderful it feels to get my workout in and this time alone n the quiet of the morning so I can get my butt up for this every day!!

The only downside to this is I'm sure I'll be asleep by 8:30 tonight.  Heh.  Worth it.

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