Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts and Prayers for Chris

11 years ago, I made my way into MadLab Theatre for rehearsal for what was to be my first of many, many shows with the group.  I was in two one-act shows at the time.  For one of them I met a cast of all new faces to me and was introduced to the man who would play my husband in the show, Mr. Chris Lane.  I wasn't sure what to make of the giant bald man with the cut off sleeves and tattoos.

Intimidating, no?  First scene run and I KNEW this was one of the funniest people I would meet in life.  His timing, his finesse, his presence, everything just lit up the room.  He just had this laugh that made everyone smile.  I went on to improv with him and do many other shows with him.  We all got together and put together his wedding in 24 hours!  I watched as he and his lovely wife Tay made their vows to each other.  He's been like my big goofy uncle for years.

Chris collapsed this past weekend and is currently in a coma at the hospital in Columbus.  His wife and all of his theatre family is at his side and pulling for him.  If you can possibly spare a thought or prayer, please do.  We all want to see this smile again soon.

And I need to hear that laugh again.


  1. Sending as much love and positive energy into the universe for him as I can. <3

  2. My thoughts and prayers are there too. XO

  3. Awww....thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.


  4. Thank you everyone so, so much for all your prayers and thoughts. Sadly he's made a turn for the worse and we're saying our goodbyes at this time.