Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Showin' Off on a Tuesday

Trying to get back to some normalcy here.  I finished my two WIPs over the weekend!!  YAY!  So, now to show off.

I really, really hate pictures of myself, but this sweater makes no sense just laying on the table or floor.  So show off #1, The Scarf Sweater!!

Got a little help from theonlyboyfriend to pin the back so I could sew it.  It's actually very warm.  Glad I finished it in time to at least wear it a few times before it gets hot outside!

And show off #2, probably one of my favorite things I have EVER made..... my very first Pax!!!!

It really blocked out VERY nicely!  I am just absolutely in love with this.  I'm almost scared to wear it lest it get dirty or, God forbid, get snagged.  I pale to think of it.  

Anyway, I love it so much I'm making another one for a gift.  

So there they are!!  With the new one underway, and another project pulled out from a long hibernation I should have some interesting things for my Wednesday WIPs post tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone is well.  Much love and happy creating!!


  1. The colors on that Pax are GORGEOUS! I love it!

  2. The scarf sweater is really cute!!