Friday, April 12, 2013


Howdy all.  Sorry, no list today.  It's been a busy day and we have out of state visitors in!  Theonlyboyfriend's family drove in from Connecticut to visit!!  We hit the zoo today since it was a weekday and kinda chilly we figured it'd be a nice quiet day to go.  And it was.  There was next to NO one at the zoo today.  But since it wasn't blazing hot, the animals were all very active!  It was so fun to see them running and playing and such.  Granted he Congo exhibit and the Australia exhibits were very empty since those are all warmer weather animals.  But we got to walk with the kangaroos and a couple of them came right up to us!! So that was exciting.

Took a lot of fun videos and photos and had a nice time.  Just kinda chillin at home tonight.  tomorrow we'll likely do some sight seeing of the must-see sights of Columbus Ohio.  All 2 of them.  Ah, kidding there's lots of great things to do around here.

Anyway, it will likely be a quiet blog this weekend.  Sorry!  Hope everyone is well.  Much love and happy creating!

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