Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Do You Crochet?

On one of the forums I frequent in Ravelry, someone posed the question the other day, "Why do you crochet?"  I've seen threads asking this question many times, and I always love reading all the responses, but I've never really replied myself.  Well being NatCroMo, I'm trying to put more focus on my craft and also keep my blog active, so I figured now's as good a time as any!

Why do I crochet?  I don't really have one big answer for that question.  A lot of reasons.  Why do baseball players play baseball?  Why do musicians make music?  It just makes me feel good!

I'm one of those people that tosses a ball around in the air or paces a lot when I talk on the phone, or am running lines for a show or thinking.  Basically I have trouble sitting still and not doing anything.  I fidget a LOT.  (seriously, as theonlyboyfriend how well I watch TV.  I think I get up every 10 minutes for one reason or another)  So crochet keeps my mind and hands occupied.  Which seems to be the #1 answer for a lot of folks who answered this question on Ravelry.

Also, I like making my own things.  And not just with a hook and yarn.  I like making my own bags and clothing with my sewing machine.  I like making functional things out of old junk.  I guess the correct word would be "re purposing."   There is something so satisfying about having/using/wearing something you created out of nothing.  10 times more elating than just buying it.  Don't get me wrong, as a retail-therapy patient, I love that feeling if getting something new, but it's just that much better knowing I made it myself.

There's a great social aspect to yarn crafting too.  It's opened me up to a new world and I've made a ton of new friends I never would have met.  Both online and off.  Shortly after I revamped my interest in crochet a few years back, I discovered the glory and wonder that is Stitch 'n' Bitch groups.  I have 2 or 3 I attend on and off when my schedule allows.  It's so nice to get out of the house and just enjoy the company of other crafters.  And yarn/craft festivals..... *SWOON*

A lot of the other responses included wonderful answers.  They were taught by a now-deceased relative and doing the craft is their way of keeping that person alive and honoring them.  They wanted to recreate something that was meaningful to them in childhood.  They want to make things for their children, like their mothers and grandmothers made for them.  Some do it on trains and buses to make their commutes a little more bearable.

So there's you answer.  Sort of anyway.  All that said, I got a good start on the Pax shawl last night and quite honestly, I'm kinda missing it right now.  I wanna be on the couch working on that.  Heh.

P.S.  This could be my short answer to all this:

Much love and happy crafting!!!

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