Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Five!

I'm pretty sure someone snuck and extra day into this week somewhere.  Or the lack of sleep is finally getting to me.  This has been the longest week ever.  Regardless, I'm pooped and happy we're that much closer to the weekend.

I picked today's list from a board on Ravelry, instead of my usual sites.  I thought it fit my currently scatter brained state.  It's hard to focus on little sleep and being stupid busy for weeks on end.  With that I bring you today's...

Forgetful Friday Five:

1) What's the last REALLY IMPORTANT thing you forgot?
A meeting.  It's only happened a couple times in the past year or so, but it kills me.  I get the little reminder pop up thingy from Outlook and think "oh yeah, gotta get to that meeting in 10 minutes."  thinking I'll spend the next 9 working, then head to the meeting.  Next thing I know 45 minutes passed.  Crap.

2) Do you make shopping lists before going to the store?
I have to.  I ALWAYS forget something and if I don't have a list to go from, it gets overwhelming fast and panic attacks ensue.  I seem to suffer massive panic attacks probably every other time I go shopping.  (I think there are two grocery stores in Columbus that I'm not allowed in anymore)  It's just too overwhelming for me. I have to make a list and always buy the same brand/type of item every single time.  If I try to look at other options.... it just all goes bad.  God forbid they stop selling an item I always get.  NEVER a good situation.

3) What's something you forget on a consistent basis?
What was the question?

4) What helps you to NOT forget things that you really need to remember?
Writing it down.  Putting a sticky note in places I KNOW I'll see them.  Like on top of my keys or my cell phone.  Putting a note on the door does NOT work.  Ever.  I always just walk right past them.  Also, my OCD nature helps.  Because I always put things where they belong and have a place for every thing, I very rarely loose things.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've lost my keys in my life.  Two of those times someone moved them.

5) Are you good at remembering peoples' names when you meet them?
God no.  Seriously, it's embarrassing how quickly I forget names.  You can say "Hi, my name is Joe.  It's nice to meet you." and by the time you reach the word "meet" I've already forgotten your name.  I have to ask over and over again.  Or just hope and pray someone else will come by and say "hey Joe." so I can remember who the heck I'm talking to.

Ok so next week I'm taking off work on Thursday and Friday for opening weekend of my show. I MIGHT consider doing a video Friday Five.  If I'm feeling brave enough to put myself out there.  No promises.  I'm looking forward to having my evenings free again to get back to my crafting, so I can get my blog here back to it's original purpose of crafty posts!

That's all for me today.  I hope everyone is well.  So much love to you all, and happy creating!!

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