Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bye-Bye Google Reader

So as you most likely know by now, Google Reader is going away.  This makes me sad beyond belief.  Now, I should mention that I came to Reader very begrudgingly at the beginning.  It was still relatively new and a lot of folks were talking about it, but I just didn't see the point.  Then I started using it.  Ever since I've been hooked.  I love just going to one page every day and catching up on all my friends blogs and my daily reading.  And having a folder for stuff to look at when I need a laugh, or to kill a few minutes here or there.

Then I saw the tragic news that it's going away as of July 1st.  (Google, I've given my unwavering faith to you, why do you continue to do this?!?!)  So I started looking for something to use in it's stead.  Most places I looked recommended Feedly so I gave it a spin.  So far I'm loving it and already using it in place of Reader for the most part.

Great thing is, they offer an import function from Reader so you can port all your feeds right over with one click.  THAT made me happy.  They also offered a tutorial on how to use their site AND, how to make it function as similar as possible to Reader for those died-hard fans like myself.  How many websites would design themselves to be as similar as possible to one of their competitors, dying or not?  Another tick in the plus column there.

So long story short, I'm still following all my dear friends and all my favorite blogs, and all still in one place.  And hopefully you will continue to follow me.  So if you're a Reader user that is wondering what to do next I'd recommend Feedly.  There ARE other options out there that are just as wonderful, so shop around and try a few different sites until you find the one you like.

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