Monday, February 11, 2013

Update on the "Furnace Debacle of 2013."

As I type, workers are at the house installing a brand new furnace for theonlyhousehold.  I have some amazing photos to share later of the old versus the new.  I'll share those later when I'm home.  

Theonlyboyfriend was kind enough to stay home today so I don't have to miss yet more work over this stupid thing.  Although I'm missing the fun part!!  He's been updating me all day on how they're coming with tearing apart the old Buick and carrying in the new Mini Cooper.  Seriously the old one was enormous.  I think it was like 5 ft. X 5 ft. and 4 and a half ft. tall.  If it had wheels, I think I could drive it to work.  The new one is like a foot wide and 2 feet deep.  Maybe 2 feet tall.  

Anyway, our home warranty will cover the cost of one of the cheapest models they have.  So we could get one for free, but that one came with a lot of "what if's".  Extra things that are not covered and a lot of possible really expensive things that could pop up along the way.  Mainly putting a new liner in the chimney.  (exhaust goes out that way apparently)  And that is NOT covered.  (could cost another $500-800 and take another few days of work)  And possible problems with the chimney down the road.  We said screw it and went with the highest efficiency furnace they have (95% efficient), and that does NOT need to go through the chimney at all.  Totally bypassing that whole mess.

BUT, more good news on the money side of this.  We get a rebate from Columbia gas of $200 and we can possibly put this on my taxes next year for yet another rebate.  AND heating bills will be significantly better.

So we're still paying a decent amount of money up front, but probably only a third of the cost to buy it outright. And no chimney B.S.  

However when the guy was out looking on Friday to give me the quotes, he took a look at my A/C unit and said "Those last about 10 years and you're looks to be about 12."  *sigh*  So that might be the next thing.  I'm going to have it inspected and maintained this spring before we start running it.  He asked me how the A/C runs and if it cools upstairs.  I genuinely have no idea, we moved in during October.  We have yet to turn it on.  

So that's where we are.  Hope to have some great photos for you later!!

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