Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Five!!

I'm gearing up for an exciting weekend in Ft Wayne Indiana.  As exciting as a weekend can be in Ft Wayne. A show I was in a few years back is being done again in the theatre Fringe Festival being held there.  So I'm coming out of my acting retirement to reprise my role in this one act.  If nothing else, it's a weekend out of town.  Which is sorely needed right now.

But anyway, it's Friday and time for the Friday Five!

1) What is your favorite beverage?
Vodka.  Um.... or water.  I don't really have a favorite drink.  I drink a ton of water and enjoy that enough.  So we'll go with that.

2) If you had to go without liquid for an entire day, would you drink water or your favorite beverage when you were allowed to drink again?
Well, I have a feeling vodka while dehydrated would be a very unwise decision.  So I'd go with water.

3) What is your favorite food?
Mexican anything.  Or Cadbury creme eggs.

4) If you had to go without food for an entire day, what would be the first food you would eat when food was available again?
Hmmm.  Probably a bowl of cereal   Quick and usually kinda filling.  Good god I am boring.

5) How would you react if your favorite food was available to the public, but somehow unobtainable to you?
Well, that's kind of already a problem.  Cadbury eggs are only on shelves during Easter season here.  In England and pretty much EVERYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET they're available all year.  How do I react?  I write nasty letters all year long and request they stop being pretentious and let us have them all year.

That's about it then.  I'll try to post this weekend if I can and get some photos of our performances!  Much love and have a wonderful weekend!!

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