Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Ok, a heads up, this post will be a bit photo heavy. 

So I got some super awesome organizer bins for Christmas that I've been lusting after for some time.  I saw them in this home organizing video:

Ok before I go on a quick note on this and all her videos.  I am completely obsessed with her videos.  She's a little too far even for me sometimes, but I love her.  

Anyway I got some of these bins and naturally had to put a couple to use RIGHT AWAY!!!!

Project #1:Electronic things I keep under the TV. (cameras, cords, etc.) 

I totally forgot to take before photos. :( Sorry. Everything was just thrown into one plastic bin in a heap. I tried to straighten it all the time, but it would get junked up again quickly, always.  So now...

Project #2: Medicine cabinet
I remembered to take before photos of that project thankfully!
Before, everything was in one bin again, but I couldn’t even keep the lid on it because several things were too tall. And things kept calling over and getting buried and all over hard to find stuff in it. The small things always got lost.  And there were other things just sitting on the shelf outside the box.


And...... After!

It’s great! I have a section for cold, allergy, cough, pain relief, etc. :) And the things we used the most are right up front. I still have the other big bin for things like my wrist brace and neti pot and eye mask and the big things.

YAY!!!  It's the little things in life, right?

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