Sunday, January 27, 2013

My "Home" Drawers

Yay, another of my OCD home organizing posts!!

So I have these 3 drawers in the stairs in my kitchen.  Yup, drawers in the stairs.  People love these!!  Including myself.

I decided these are the best place for my home binders and home info.  So here's a quick tour.  The middle drawer has 2 binders.  One is the one I made during the search for and eventual purchase of this home.  It's a lot of the paperwork.
You can see my tabs there for general information, realtor info, the contract, inspection info, loan info, etc.  (The actual loan paperwork and official documents are locked up elsewhere)  There's also notes in the back I took during the process including measurements of the rooms and furniture.

The second binder is all my owners manuals, and things like that for all the stuff I own.  I got these really cool gusseted pockets from Staples:

I got this idea from my favorite home organizing guru Alejandra.  I made a pocket for small electronics, large electronics, small appliances, and other.  This is all stuff that is mine and not part of the house.

My next project is to make a binder for all the large appliances and things that come with the house.  (The binder I'd leave if I ever sell the house)  For now all that stuff is here:

It's just in the bottom drawer, but it's pretty well organized within.  A lot of it are things the previous owners left for me.  They were so well organized too, thankfully!!  And they kept EVERYTHING.  I have the entire service history for the furnace, A/C and everything else.  Even the owners manual for the furnace itself, which was installed in the 40s.  Heh.  Another treat, they left me all the original paperwork for the house and land.  All the deeds and purchase paperwork from all the previous owners.  Since the house was built is 1917.  It's only had 3 owners before me.

The top drawer is kind of a "junk drawer" but even it is organized!!

So that's my "home" drawers and binders!!  If I get the change to buy some more supplies for my last binder I'll get to work on that!

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