Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting My Mojo Back

My crochet mojo has been severely lacking the last several months.  As is obvious by my pathetic Wednesday WIPs posts.  The ones I actually post!  I blame my Kindle.  I starting carrying that instead of travel crochet projects.  I started carrying both for awhile, but my nose was always in my Kindle and my travel project (those fingerless mittens) have just sat there.  So I stopped bringing my Kindle out unless I need it.

So this weekend I went though my queue on Ravelry and picked out a couple projects to get myself excited again.  Quick ones that I can whip together in less than a week, so I can have something finished.  That ought to get my mojo going again so I can finish the projects I have now and get some new ones started.

I'm going to get a leg up on our church bazaar that is in the fall and start making some cross bookmarks.  Found a couple simple patters and I should be able to plow through them.  And since those are thread works, I can carry those with me easily.

Now that said my evenings are insane with rehearsals right now, so I don't know how much I'll get done.  But I at least want to get myself excited again so I'm wanting to work on stuff during those small windows of time I do get.

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  1. Oh I completely understand! My mojo has been gone for a while..I forced myself to pick up my hooks a few days ago and have been trying to do a little each day.

    (I blame the crazy Ohio weather)