Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five!

It's Friday already?  Where did the week go?  Oh well, almost weekend time, woohoo!  Although my weekend looks to be really busy and kinda stressful, so....there's that.  With all the stress and coming down from Christmas and vacation things have been slow getting back to normal for theonlynikki.  It's putting a lot on my mind.  So let's get away from all that crap for a minute and get to today's:

Celebratory Friday Five!!*

1) When did you last blow up a balloon?
Huh.  I honestly have no idea.  I vaguely recall filling someone's cubicle at work with an annoying amount of balloons for their birthday.  So I probably helped blow up a few.  That was maybe 3 years ago?  Not a fan of balloons.  First off, terrible for the environment and kinda pointless and second, I almost pee myself when some a-hole pops one.  And there's always one a-hole at every party who thinks it's hilarious to pop them.  Jerk.

2) Who's house is especially well designed for parties and why?
My parents'.  First off, it's large.  Second, tons of parking.  They also have; a bonfire pit, finished basement with a pool table and bumper pool, more games than anyone could play in a lifetime, 5 acres of beautiful land, a pretty impressive barbecue area....and so, so much else.  Needless to say, we hang out there a lot.

3) If the party starts at 7, what time are you there?
7:15.  Yeah I'm that guy.  I just have this constant need to be 15 minutes early for everything.  But I know how annoying that can be when you're hosting a party and people show up before you're ready.  So I hang back at least for a little bit.  It's not easy, let me tell you.

4) Who brought the best things to your last potluck?
Oh this lady at my church makes the most amazing desserts.  EVER.  If you don't know by now, Reece's peanut butter cups are my version of pure heaven on earth.  So this amazing woman made a Reece's layer dessert thingy.  Layer of peanut butter pudding, with crumbles of peanut butter cups, then a layer of chocolate pudding, then a layer of crumbled graham cracker crust stuff.  Repeat those layers again, served in a tall glass container thing.  Sweet Mary Jane..... I died that day.

5) Now that the holidays are over, what will be the next thing (besides birthdays) that you celebrate in the company of others?
Hm.  I'm not really sure.  No weddings are coming up that I know of.... Speaking of, would someone please get married?  Seriously I LOVE weddings!!!  So I guess probably a cast party for the show I'm directing would be the next big thing.

Ok that's about it.  I hope everyone is well and has a wonderful and fun weekend planned!

Much love and happy creating.

* taken from here


  1. Not up to speed about what Friday 5 is. Can you explain? No clue when I last blew up a balloon, but have always loved them.

    I'm out and about blog visiting today from Bridge and Beyond. It's a New Year, 2013 and we've got lots of new things going on. Please hop over for a visit, spend some time, leave comments. That helps the blog you know. AND catch up on all the new information. Did you know we're not just knitters and crocheters anymore? Do you Quilt? Did you know we have a Facebook Group now? AND there's more. See you soon.

    1. Just a random fun thing to do on Fridays. I find websites that have a Friday Five (just 5 random, or themed questions) and post them on my blog and give my answers.