Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Five

So uhh.....forgot to post Wednesday.  Sorry.  :)  Quick update on WIPs, I'm done with the back of the sweater!!  It's just a matter of seaming and getting the arms on and I am DONE!  I hope.  I also started a pair of gloves.  They're the kind that are fingerless gloves with the mitten flap on them.  I found a pattern I wanted to try and had some left over yarn to use.  I'm about 1/3 of the way into my first glove.

I've also been forgetting to update on the craft show, WHICH IS TOMORROW!!  ACK!  I feel horribly under prepared.  I have quite a bit to get done tonight to get ready.  I know it will come together though, so I'm not terribly worried.

Ok well enough blah blahing on my boring life, let's move on to todays.....

Totally Random Friday Five!!

1) You know those places that name sandwiches after famous people?  What would be the ingredients of a sandwich named after you?
Cheese.  Maybe some bacon.  But really just cheese.  However the entire sandwich would be shaped like a penis.  Just because.

2) What is you favorite part of staying in a hotel?
Jumping on the bed.  I'm 35 and that is STILL the first thing I do when I get into a hotel room.  That and free cable.  Although 50 channels of pure crap gets old fast.

3) What is the last book you read and how was it?
Pollyanna.  It was really good.  It took a minute to get used to the older writing style and the odd way some of the character speak, but over all it was a really sweet and touching book.  Even if just fluff I enjoyed it.

4) What's something super unhealthy that you've recently eaten?
Cheryl's Cookies  frosted buttercream cookie.  I'm actually eating it right now.  Cheryl I don't know who you are or what you put in your cookies, but I love and hate you for it.

5) What do you do with all those Christmas cards with photos of your friends with their kids?
I hang them up with the rest of the Christmas cards.  Usually on the mantle or somewhere around the house.  Sometimes I stick cards on the tree.  After Christmas is over I typically throw all the cards in the recycling bin.  Sometimes I'll keep the photo ones and put them in a photo album.  I'm just not that sentimental a person about physical things.  I don't like saving things I'll never look at again.  That said, Theonlyboyfriend and I do have a mural made from old cards and post cards.  Every time we find one we like we tape it to the wall.  It filled the upstairs hallway of our last apartment.  In the new house it's in the hallway leading down to the basement.  So if it's got a neat photo on the front we'll add it to the mural.

And there it is!  Friday Five.

I'll definitely be posting photos from the craft show.  If they have Wi-fi I'll try to post live from the show itself.  I think they do but I'm not 100% sure on that.  And if you're int he area, come check it out!!!  Linky!!  It's always a good time and they have some really great vendors lined up this time around.

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