Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday WIPs!

Another mid week, another WIPs post.  Not a lot to report this week again.  I've made some progress on the sweater, but it's slow going.  I don't mind.  I hammered out a few more YipYip aliens too!!

I'm going to start a hooded scarf soon, I hope.  I answered a request for a pattern tester online so it'll be a new pattern!  I'm also thinking of starting some mittens for myself.  There's a fun and easy pattern on Ravelry for those finger-less gloves with the mitten flap thingy on them.

There are always house WIPs, too.  My next big one is to fix up the basement a little.  We've got an extra washer downstairs that's kind of just plopped in the middle of the main room.  It's really annoying, so I'm going to shuffle some things around and find a new home for it.  And the spare futon mattress, too.  It IS a basement, so I know it's "ok" for it to be a little cluttered, but I don't tolerate clutter well.  I plan to fix up the spare room down there a little too.

That's about it for my WIPs.  I'll leave you with the photos!

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