Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Five!

It's been awhile since I've done one of these!  Sorry about that.  No excuses, bad Nikki!!!

It's been a long, stressful, and mildly depressing week for theonlynikki.  I'm pooped and ready for a weekend again.  Which leads me to today's:

"Tired Car Metaphors" Friday Five!*

1) What area of your life has lately (and pleasantly) been on cruise control?
Home.  I mean, obviously I'm working on things at home but for the most part things are just happening and I haven't had to stress too much about the house or anything in it.  I'm sure that will change eventually, but for now, things are relaxed and well on the homefront.  (::Knocks on wood::)

2) Where in your life should you probably hit the brakes?
Stress.  I've been letting myself stress out way too easily the last few weeks.  Granted work has been insane and stressful for everyone.  But that doesn't mean I need to let it get to me so much. I definitely need to chill out a bit.

3) Where do you go when you just need a little tune-up?
Bed.  Seriously, nothing recharges my batteries like some peace and quiet and a good nap.  Plus the bedroom always just feels like a sanctuary where life goes away for a little bit and I can just relax and sleep.

4) How much junk have you got in the trunk?
Heh.  Depends on who ya ask.  If you're asking how fat is my butt?  I'm not answering that.  If it's even more metaphorical and asking about personal baggage....well I'm not answering that either.  We all have our histories.

5) Where is the needle on your fuel gauge pointing today?
I'd say about an eighth of a tank.  I'm not running on empty, but I'm definitely pretty low today on fuel.  I'm very much in need of a night off and some sleep.  Thankfully I have a night off tonight and an evening of serious relaxing planned.  After a quick trip to the gym, of course.

Ok, that's it for the Friday Five.  Looking forward, we have a nice weekend planned.  We're going to buy our Christmas tree either tonight or tomorrow and get that decorated.  I just LOVE decorating the tree!!!  I never did get around to making the big weeping angel for the tree topper, but we have a vacation coming up so I'll have a lot of sittin' around time.

I hope everyone is well!!  Much love and happy crafting!

*Take from here

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