Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Off Wednesday WIPs!

Ok.  Whew.  So I took the day off today because.....IT'S MAH BIRFFDAY!!!  :)  Yup.  Theonlynikki is 35 today.  That's.....where the heck did my 20s go?!

Ok enough of my age-related whining, on to WIPs!

I started a HUGE WIP today.  Repainting my craft room.  I got everything out of the room and taped everything off and got a layer of primer on the walls.  Friday or Saturday I dive into the actual painting!  I am beyond excited.  I got the most amazing shade of turquoise for the walls.  It it SUPER bright.  And here's the best part, no drop cloth needed because I'm tearing up the carpet when I'm done.  Why?  Because I pulled up a corner and there is gorgeous hardwood underneath.  WIN!!!  So that's done.

Also had a contractor come out and ground the electric for the house, so that's awesome.  Not really a WIP but more a home improvement project.  Got a lot of other little things done around the house too.

Ok so I started that hooded scarf pattern that I'm testing for someone.  It's coming along nicely actually

That's actually right about the color I'm painting my room.  :D

I cranked out a couple more YipYip aliens, too but no work on the sweater.

So that's really about it.  Getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  YAY!  My favorite day of the year.  My two favorite things are napping and eating and that's what the day is about!  I hope everyone is well.  Have a wonderful holiday!

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